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Life Insurance Riders:

Riders are modifications to the insurance policy added at the same time the policy is issued. These riders change the basic policy to provide some feature desired by the policy owner.

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A common rider is accidental death, which used to be commonly referred to as "double indemnity", which pays twice the amount of the policy face value if death results from accidental causes, as if both a full coverage policy and an accidental death policy were in effect on the insured. Another common rider is premium waiver, which waives future premiums if the insured becomes disabled.

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Many companies offer an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for life insurance policies. This rider may allow insureds who are diagnosed as terminally ill, or who require long term care, or permanent confinement in a nursing home, to collect all or part of the death benefit from the policy on their life while they are still alive. The rider specifies exactly how much of the death benefit may be available

The policy owner can secure a regular monthly income from the insurance company should he or she become totally and permanently disabled with a Disability Income Rider. Usually covering policy owners who are also the insured, the Disability Income Rider guarantees a specified level of income for either as long as the disability lasts or a time frame specified in the rider.

Whole life insurance many times will have a rider available that can allow one to increase the death benefit by paying additional premium.

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